Sunday, March 28, 2010

Abide in me

Abide in me, my Saviour,
And let me in Thee Live;
Into Thy holy keeping
My soul, my life I give;
Without Thy grace to keep me
I know my steps will slide,
So daily, hourly, alway,
Do Thou in me abide.

I long, my Lord and Master,
To love and serve Thee more,
To live more near to Thee, Lord,
Than e'er I have before:
To keep more sure and steadfast
Within the narrow way,
In love's obedience growing
More perfect day by day.

Then let my life and labours
Henceforth and ever  be,
In fervent love abounding,
Acceptable to Thee;
Upon thy strength relying
In weakness and when tried,
And seeking that in all things
Thy name be gloried.

E. Costello
The Believer Hymn Book

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