Friday, January 25, 2008

Clearance now !!!

You will not find any lower prices than these on the web. Unless you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer and buying in very large quantities. We are placing this selection of over 300 items on Clearance to clear the old and bring the new in. Hurry and surf these links and get your favorite items now before we run out, and believe me this stuff will go quickly... at these prices.....

Alphabet Sterling Silver Blocks
Clay Beads
Designer Clasps
Gift Bags
Assorted Half Pound Bags of Glass Beads
Glass Foil Beads
Gold Filled Findings
Pewter Charms
Pewter Letters
Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Findings
Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Bicones
Swarovski Cubes
Swarovski Flatbacks
Swarovski Rondells
Swarovski Ovals
Swarovski Rounds
Swarovski Squaredells

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gemstone Beads on Sale Now !!!

Wholesale Gemstone Beads & Gemstrands
Gemstone Beads offer an amazing and unique insight into the world of our planet. Almost all gemstone beads are formed below the earth's surface and brought to the surface by events through volcanic activity and mining. Formation of gemstones is a complex processes involving heat and pressure, cooling and evaporation, and crystallization of minerals. The type of gemstone beads and color of the gemstone beads is impacted by the varying degrees of each of these processes. brings a huge inventory of wholesale gemstone beads to the public. Our inventory includes multi-facted gemstone beads, oblong beads, snowflake beads and pendant gemstones.

Gemstones are truly a beauty of natural wonder. Fashioned by nature, they exhibit vibrant colors that cover the spectrum. Among our gems and beads, you will find precious stones like :




Blue Sandstone






Fossil Coral


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Thursday, January 17, 2008

GNOM III - Tampa, Florida

The GNOM III team has arrived and it has been non stop action since they arrived. It has been a pleasure to inteact with young men. That truly demonstrating a strong desire for being involved the work of the Lord, while learning and putting into practice what they learn. But also by truly interacting with those that need to hear the good news which are the people that we come into contact every day. ( have you thought of how many missed oportunies we pass up) Remember there are people going into a lost eternity every day, and it's our responsability to share the good news with those that surround us. Please pray for this ministry and ask the Lord to continue to work in the lives of these young men. For His Honor and For His Glory.