Saturday, October 31, 2009

SOS for the Life of Solange Kohls

Can you help, Solange has been in Intensive Care for over a year now. Just now she has been released to an assisted living location. That is run by the assemblies. She is doing much better but still requires a lot of care and has a long way ahead of her yet. Both Paulo and Solange are full time workers in Brazil and they have two wonderfull kids.

I am commited to try to help them in any way possible. From here the best way is with money, to try to defray there expenses that are extremely high and they don't have insurance.

Anything sent this way will be forward 100% to Abrilac. Or if you so wish I can give you information and you can send it directly. I will use the entire month of Nov to work on this project.

The assemblies in Brasil have been suggested to give $10.00ea that way it's not a burden on any local assembly. But anything we give will help and will support these brothers that are needing our encouragement now more than ever.

The disease that had hindered here has caused a loss of muscle tone completly in her body for over a year, complicating several other organs, but it seems that Prayers lifted up are helping Solange for a change to better. Let's continue to help her.

I will send out a final report on November 30th.

Thanks in Advance.


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