Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes it pays to pray !!!

You know we should all learn an important thing. Prayer is like a meal, we cannot go without it. Did you know that you do not have to be kneeling down to pray, you do not haft to be in a congregration to pray, you don't even haft to close your eyes to pray. Although some of these are an integral part of our prayer lifes they are not a must. Many are they times that I have prayer driving down the Interstate on my way to work. I sometimes wonder some drivers beside me must think I am crazy because sometimes I pray in loud voice and sometimes get expressive with my hands. But you know I am sure the Lord my God understands the circumnstances and apreciates the thought. Bring all to Him in prayer at all times. Love the Lord your God with all your Heart and with all your understanding. Give your all to the Master and remember the words to the hymn. Trust and Obey for there is no other way !!!

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