Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why I wake up early

Have you ever ruled the house, I mean really rule the house, drink columbian coffee with your mom, and finish your unfinished math homework all before 6:45AM ? This is what I get to do every single morning, while other kids sleep like a rock till 8:15AM.

The way I mean, rule the house is like I'm practicly the only person there. However my dad is sleeping when I rule the house. Shhh don't tell! My sister is at school and my mom is off to work at 6:30AM. In the morning before I go to school I play runescape on the computer, watch Drake and Josh, and play counterstrike on the Xbox.

Every single morning of the week I drink columbian coffee with my mom. When my coffee isn't so hot I finish it in about 10 seconds. But on the other hand if my coffee is burning hot I finish it in about two minutes. While my mom and I have a delightful time driking coffee, we talk about my grades in school, I tell her my test scores.

When my math homework is incomplete I usually finish it in the morning. My math homework is usually done by 6:45AM. If it's not by then, I finish it by 7:00AM. If I have any other homework, I also do it.

These are just some of the reasons why waking up early get's my disposition up to trilled. I rule the house, drink columbian coffee with my mom and fisish my unfinished math homework. These are some of the reasons I suggest you to wake up early in the morning. Another suggestion for you is that if you wake up early is never try to jump over your couch. It leaves you on the floor saying ouch !!!

By Andrew Aitken (11 years old)

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